Jun 10, 2011

Ignorance and Hypocrisy Always Win

From Ai Weiwei's Blog. Writings, Interviews, and Digital Rants, 2006-2009.
Edited and traslated by Lee Ambrozy

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I do not care for honor. Like all people, I possess that sort of honor naturally derived from being an upright person. I am not afraid of confronting any person, or any power, no matter how formidable it, or they, may seen. This is because I trust in my ability to protect my fundamental rights. I must be this way, there is no other choice, and I must be willing to sacrifice for this. Any cost of safeguarding the right to act as an upright person is invariably not worth mentioning.

Freedom is a God-given right. It is unequalled, absolute, and priceless. No matter if you are rich or poor, intelligent or not, it belongs to you, and no one can touch it.

What is the problem with profanities or blaspheming? Can you be cursed to death? In the material an psychological reality of those ignorant, useless, hopeless, frustrated lost souls, curse words are all they have. For base and uneducated people, having a few curse words at your disposal isn't all at bad.

No one should pretend to represent the mainstream, or use civilization as an authority or force. Civilization does not belong exclusively to the society's upper crust, it is not a precursor to keeping social order; civilization is an amalgamation of human nature, the sum of your exceptional points and his weak points. Furthermore, correlative relationships between wealth and power do not have to be inevitable.

Theories of superiority, optimization, and cultural purity harbored by cultural fascists will always be disgraceful, lamentable, and pitiful. All this is saying is: I am better than you, I will not speculate with you because you are lesser than me, in my opinion you are lowly, I am powerful.

Eugenic arises from an inner panic. It is the wishful thinking of people or authorities who don't dare, or who aren't willing speak frankly or straightforwardly. There is not justice in such world, an a shortage of good intentions everywhere, and whether they are intellectual or emotional efforts, all energy goes into safeguarding the basic conditions of such a dishonorable existence. Freedom an transparent standpoints and value systems are direct threat to the social foundation that such an existence relies on.

None of this seems strange, what is strange is that with gains comes loss. And what about the other population of people? Where is your so-called social conscience? Who is protecting fundamental principles of truth? Who is speaking for the interests of others, which is the indispensable basis of civilization? Generaly speaking, it is not worth the trouble, because this is a society with no true kindness or geniality, a society where beauty makes way for ugliness. All of my actions and selfish behaviors are merely for my own benefit, I can never truly understand others, for I lack a sympathetic hearth. I argue for my own benefit, my personal rights, and I believe my selfish position might be related to others.

When the brillant and accomplished person of a society collude with the dark powers to become thieves and deceivers, ours will continue on as an overwhelmingly misfortunate era lacking in conscience. All of the humiliated and deceived people struggle to gain sympathy, deeply believing this is their fate, and they have neither aspirations non campaigns to improve themselves. They are merely a flock of sheep sent out to graze on the road, thereby renouncing their lives' pursuit of religious.